Biochemical parameters and leukocyte differential count in Persian sturgeon (Acipenser persicus) juveniles caught in the Mazandaran province coasts

Document Type : Research Paper


1 International Sturgeon Research Organization of the Caspian Sea, Rasht, Iran

2 Inland Waters Aquaculture Research Center, Bandar Anzali, Guilan, Iran


Hematological studies are an available and sensitive method for assessing natural condition in an organism at different ages. The present study was carried out with the aim of studying leukocytes differential count and some blood biochemical indices in 30 Acipenser persicus juveniles captured using trawl at depth of 2 to 20 meters in Mazandran coasts from autumn 1999 through 2001. Blood samples were obtained using syringe 2 mL from caudal vein. Biochemical parameters (calcium, magnesium, cholesterol, albumin and total protein) were measured using spectrophotometeric method. Fish were divided into three weight classes including 15–24, 25–34 and 35–45 g. Differential count results showed that the maximum and minimum percentage of leukocytes belonged to lymphocytes and monocytes, respectively  with no significant difference in studied groups (P>0.05). Calcium and albumin levels showed no significant difference between different weight groups (P>0.05), but significant different was observed for cholesterol, magnesium and total protein levels (P<0.05). Also according to Spearman correlation test, correlation was observed between age groups and biochemical factors and also leukocyte count (P>0.05). The results of the present study can be used for  assessing health condition based on size, time and sampling locality and also as a reference for biochemical indices and normal physiological status in Acipenser persicus.